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What is the PremierGarage Storage Difference?

Colorado garage storage companies all claim they have superior products and installation techniques. They claim their garage storage cabinets and storage systems are stronger, their shelving is sturdier, the metal and stainless steel finish is more durable, and the products are of all around higher quality. But only PremierGarage of Colorado has the proof and information to say, "We are the Premier Difference."

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Sizing Up the Competition

Backs: PremierGarage uses interlocking full backs on all of our storage cabinets. Our full 1/4-inch interlocking cabinet backs give our units superior strength and integrity, and are more restrictive to insects, dust, and potential water damages. No backs or thin butt-jointed backs can compromise the strength, which result in gaps allowing points of entry for insects and rodents. These are common in our competitors storage units.

Thicker Shelves: Our one-inch thick cabinet tops, bottoms, and adjustable shelves are 33% thicker than the industry standard. They withstand heavier storage loads, and are more resistant to bowing. The industry standard 3/4-inch cabinet top, bottom and shelves are weak and have great potential to fall apart quickly and without warning.

Steel Hardware: PremierGarage uses fully concealed European Steel Hinges, steel door pulls in a variety of finishes, and steel assembly fittings for durability and long life. Our competitors' plastic and thin aluminum hardware is likely to wear down and break over time in comparison to steel.

Color Coordinated Garage Interiors: Premier’s line of garage storage cabinets, floor coatings and organizers have been specifically selected for their complementing colors and hues, resulting in complete garage improvement. Some closet companies try their hand at building basic garage cabinets, but completely disregard the overall aesthetics and function of the garage.

Unique Style: PremierGarage storage units have neat uniformed lines, suspended above the floor for easy garage maintenance, with clear unobstructed access to the inside of the cabinets. Support legs used in inferior garage cabinets create hiding places for insects and rodents. They also make it extremely difficult to sweep and clean under the storage units.

Lifetime Guarantee: PremierGarage has the experience and confidence to guarantee each garage system against workmanship and material defect for as long as our client owns their home – and we put it in writing! Companies that use inferior materials and second grade installation techniques do not stay in business for long. Only a company with sound product like PremierGarage can offer a lifetime guarantee, and actually back it up.