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Flooring Systems

Garage flooring doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. And it certainly doesn't need to be limited. This is why PremierGarage of Colorado took the lead in innovation and design of garage floor coatings. Using the most advanced technology in the industry today, you now have more options with less wait time. And, you get a superior product to epoxy and other floor finishes such as tiles, rubber mats, and do-it-yourself products.

Proprietary Hybrid Polymer Coating

With our Hybrid Polymer technology, superior industry knowledge and experience, we've created the most revolutionary garage floor product in 25 years. With our PremierOne or PremierOne Plus floor coatings you get a system that's superior to epoxy in terms of durability, slip resistance, cleaning, and shine. And, it will protect your concrete from being damaged by the road salt used in winter months. Our floor coatings are making thousands of homes across Colorado the talk of the neighborhood. We have turned ordinary garages into extraordinary workspaces across the state. Show off your classic car, have a party, start a weekend project. Enjoy your garage!

Installation Time

We can offer flooring systems that you can drive on the very next day, but our best, and longest-lasting systems require 72 hours to fully cure. In cases of severe concrete damage or extreme temperatures or weather conditions, your garage floor could take slightly longer.

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