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Cabinetry Systems

Come home to a clean and well organized garage, one that you can actually enjoy spending time in. It's easy with our garage cabinetry systems. Whether your ideal look is a stainless steel or metal finish or traditional wood cabinets, PremierGarage of Colorado can make it a reality for you.

Don't deal with the clutter and mess of your garage any longer. Your sports equipment, skies, golf clubs, work tools, can be easily stored away and left out of sight. You can finally move the old boxes from of the corner of your garage and into a safe, secure, and easily manageable storage system.

Choose the cabinets that are right for you

With PremierGarage, you'll get wood cabinetry that is a perfect fit for your Colorado home. The newest additions to our cabinetry line include stainless steel and carbon-fiber garage cabinets. Made from the highest quality materials available, these high-end looking storage units will be the perfect addition to your home. We are also the exclusive dealers of the My Ford Garage cabinet line from Iconic Brands Collection.

Our cabinets are different. Here’s why

With the high risk of damage present in most garages today, PremierGarage of Colorado designed a system to keep your belongings out of harm's way, no matter what the danger. Our storage units are fully enclosed with backs and mounted on your wall 6-8" above your flooring.

Your cabinets will be out of reach from rodents, insects and other pests to prevent nesting or eating away at your cabinets from below. So you won't have to worry about holes, damage to your belongings, or complete destruction of your cabinets. Your valuables will remain safe from water and other hazards that inferior storage systems fall victim to time and time again.

Get the best garage storage solution for your garage with PremierGarage of Colorado. Contact one of our professional designers to learn more about other storage solutions including custom shelving and drawers.

Contact one of our professional designers to learn more today!

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